Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids – Character design and animation

Cosmic Kids is a universe of yoga for children aged 3 and above. Every episode, children meet a new character, striking a special yoga pose. The team initially hired me to design these characters and bring them to life, but since that initial collaboration, I have also created a fan club material and activity sheets, helping to develop the look and feel for a growing brand.

Cosmic Kids have now expanded into print, in picture books crammed with my illustration work, and other projects from the Cosmic Kids universe are always in the pipeline. My relationship with the team is ongoing, with new characters making their debuts on a regular basis.

You can see more on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel and website.

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Another project with Cosmic Kids is a series of Gentle, rhyming stories with hand-drawn illustrations. Largely featuring characters developed for the yoga videos, this spin-off allows me to render them in ink and pencil crayon.

Watch the Namastories here.

The Books

The popular Cosmic Kids yoga adventures are now available in print including original characters and illustration by me, alongside exciting yoga stories told by Jaime Amor.

The following titles are available:

Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies
Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar
Twilight the Unicorn Brings Stardust to the Land of Sleep
Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good


The Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel was launched in 2012 offering a huge variety of story based yoga adventures, mindfulness practices and guided meditations to enjoy freely. The channel is hugely popular with over a million views every month from children all over the world.