Babycenter: animated information films

My first encounters with Babycenter were as a new father a few years ago. It always seemed to be the site that popped up when, in the small hours of the morning, I was googling evidence that the latest noises, activities or expulsions from my son were not grounds for a hospital visit. So, I was delighted when they contacted me in order to make some films on the theme of aches and pains during pregnancy. I sincerely hope that they will provide the same comfort to expectant mothers that those nocturnal investigations did for me whenever I found myself reading Babycenter’s advice.

The films were made in Flash, and the team at Babycenter were extremely open to my ideas for the look and feel of the movies. They had enjoyed my recent film on Life on Mars for TED-Ed, so this was my starting point for the design. However, on this occasion I was not portraying hostile environments on other planets, and wanted to create an altogether more comforting universe. The first two films were on the themes of Constipation and Indigestion, and can be found on the Babycenter website along with a growing number of other topics they subsequently commissioned.

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