26th January 2018 - Comments Off on Circle World Arts

Circle World Arts

Circle World Arts is a global initiative that aims to introduce and explore the world arts in pursuit of cultural connections, artistic development, and personal growth.

Hadi Eldebek of Circle World Arts approached me to create a video explaining his vision. Since the project was then in its infancy, the commission expanded into a branding exercise, and by the time the film was complete I had also designed their logo and established part of the brand identity for Hadi's global community of world art workshops.

The logo was inspired by Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion map of the world, although in our pursuit of a globe that expressed CWA's diverse vision, we expanded the number of faces from Fuller's twenty. At the time that we were working on the project, various things were happening in the world that seemed to imply a narrowing of civilization's remit, so I was grateful for the opportunity to help the push in the opposite direction. Watch the video to find out more.

Circle World Arts is also available on Facebook.

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