World Leaders in Their Underpants #50

Pope Benedict XVIPope Benedict XVI – Sovereign of Vatican City State

Vatican City is a quaint city state with a population of fewer than 1000 people. Their absolute monarch is elected by the Papal enclave, a mysterious sect whose function is to blow smoke up the Sistine Chapel’s chimney, thereby announcing the appointment of a new Bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church. In this latter capacity, he also happens to have influence over about 1 billion people, and is therefore one of the world’s most powerful people.

This time around, the Papal enclave chose German theologian Joseph Alois Ratzinger, now better known as Pope Benedict XVI. In so doing, they also, albeit inadvertently, elected him into the pantheon of World Leaders in Their Underpants. Here he will be able to debate at length on what he perceives to be the rise of aggressive secularism and the redemptive power of God’s love, which is always so much more compelling without your trousers on.

Pope Benny is here captured with his pants down in a manner thankfully distinct from those of his subjects who abused their power for the purpose of sexual gratification. You may notice that the papal underpants are heavily encrusted with jewels in order to demonstrate his meekness and thirst for righteousness, as advocated by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on The Mount.

Pope Benedict XVI now joins the humble multitudes here.

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