World Leaders in Their Underpants #106

Otto Perez Molina - President of GuatemalaOtto Perez Molina – President of Guatemala

Former army general Otto Perez Molina assumed the Guatemalan presidency in January 2012, vowing to lead with an iron fist. As is customary amongst leaders proclaiming iron-fistedness, he’s holding his knuckles aloft in this picture. You will see it more closely resembles a cut of cured pork.

Guatemala emerged from a 36 year civil war in 1996, and Perez played a part in the peace talks that brought the conflict to an end. His military seniority has led to allegations of human rights abuses, but the president has consistently denied any involvement. Instead, his iron fist will be used to deal with the gang violence and drug trafficking that plagues this most central of Central American countries.

Leaders will be familiar with each others fists, from power-salutes to handshakes, and the occasional thump, whether delivered in mock-camaraderie, or malevolently, on the nose. Here at World Leaders in Their Underpants, Otto will become acquainted with much more, amongst the jostling elbows, ankles and belly-buttons of high command.

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