World Leaders in Their Underpants #103

Mariano Rajoy - Prime Minister of SpainMariano Rajoy – Prime Minister of Spain

Spain is a sizeable south-westerly nub of the European continent whose head of state is King Juan Carlos I. Despite his monarching, the King of Spain is usually credited with having overseen the transition from dictatorship to democracy following the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975.

It is in the same democratic spirit that Juan Carlos makes way for Mariano Rajoy, who we see here in his underpants. The popularity of Rajoy’s Popular Party fluctuates, but he succeeded in his third attempt to become Spain’s Prime Minister in December 2011. With over 20% of his people out of work, the highest unemployment rate in Europe, the socially conservative premier will be glad that his persistence has finally landed him a job.

That job, together with the king’s unusual modesty, thrusts him into the arena of near-naked leadership that is World Leaders in Their Underpants. Hola Mariano! There’s tea and coffee, and the toilets are at the end of the hall.

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