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Writing Copy

It’s one thing to understand how people read web copy, and deliver content that is concise and useful.  It’s another to do so in a way that’s memorable and fun. Ten years of writing web copy and a passion for prose taught me that this is achieved through clarity, humour and narrative.


Virtual BalloonsVirtual Balloons wanted to explain their service. Augmented reality marketing opportunities are all very well, but the challenge was to give the spaces opened up by the Layar Reality Browser the broadest possible appeal.

Balloons are integral to the brand, and I used this to lift the content, ideally without resorting to hot air.


Writing copy for branded children’s websites presented many opportunities for character-led content and humour. Working at Complete Control I put words into the mouths of characters from Tinga Tinga Tales, What’s Your News?, and The Secret Show. Their Bafta Kids’ Vote website even saw me writing gags for Dick and Dom.


A lExtraordinary Heroesove of storytelling is key to delivering memorable web copy. A sense of drama and an understanding of the way story-tellers keep the audience absorbed have all helped me write copy for websites and scripts for animated shorts and games.

The script I wrote for the tales of bravery recounted on the Imperial War Museum’s Extraordinary Heroes website draws on this to keep viewers on the edge of their mousemats.

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